• Stollery Children's Hospital Laboratory Medicine/ Radiology  Rounds, June 2018

  • Sabará Paediatric Hospital in Sao Paulo as part of "Ethics education day" in late June 2017.

  • Brazilian Intensive Care Society Conference (AMIB), Salvador, Bahia. 2015.

  • First International Paediatric Palliative Care Symposium for kids with heart diseases at Sao Paulo's INCOR (Heart Institute, University of Sao Paulo), May 2017. Again, the film was well received and generated a lot of healthy discussion (pict below).





FILM seen at the Edmonton wide "Combined Anesthesia, ICU and CV Surgery" Rounds

On April 10/2015,  our JKB film was shown in the Edmonton Combined Anesthesia, ICU
& CV Surgery Rounds. The title of the session was "MORAL DISTRESS IN ACUTE CARE: I know what I should do, but I can't!"

More than 60 people sat quietly and watch the whole film, before starting their daily work activities... It was a 7 AM rounds, on a Friday morning...

One of the viewers commented later: "The movie was powerful, engaging and most importantly, not about paediatrics. It was about what we do in a high complex arena.The actors were realistic and the conversations so real. It was translatable to so many arenas." Another said: "... That was very moving rounds this morning!  Thanks for working on this "issue". 

If you like to schedule a viewing session, please contact us.

FILM IS SHOWN during "Bioethics Week" in Edmonton

The film JKB was shown in early March 2015 during the Bioethics week, at the University of Alberta Hospital auditorium. The exhibition was promoted by the "John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre", with the participation of the producers/research team members (WA and DG) and invited guest, ethicist Dr Brendan Leier, phD. 

The public was very engaged, with many professionals expressing that the movie indeed reflects the "real world" of the Intensive Care. However, some people also commented that the conflicts depicted in the movie also appear in many other areas of healthcare.

During the same week, Alberta Health Services' media department exhibited the movie at the Hospital's main auditorium during lunch time, and many professionals came to see it.  Some administrators present at the session were touched by the scenes, and talked about how the movie can be used as a teaching tool to foster dialogue around such an important topic in healthcare. 

"JUTS KEEP BREATHING" closes Brazilian PICU Congress""

The film Just Keep breathing(Moral Distress in PICU) was shown at the last session of the 13rd Congresso Brasileiro de Medicina Intensiva Pediátrica in Florianópolis, SC, Brazil on Aug 2nd/2104.

The public of approximately 600 people gave the film an standing ovation at the end! During the debate that followed the presentation, some physicians commented how the stories and situations depicted were very similar to ones experienced by Brazilian intensivists, despite the cultural and socio economic differences between Brazil and Canada.

Many health care professionals requested a copy of the film for their institutions, stating that it can be used as an important and powerful tool for teaching physicians, nurses and allied professionals in training. 

Film had Pre Premiere in Turkey, May 2014

"Just Keep Breathing", the movie, was presented as a special session at the 7th World Congress on Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care in Istambul, Turkey, in May 2014. 

On a debate that followed, the director Peter Conradi explained how he got involved on this project: "I was once a patient in PICU, and I am here today because you took good care of me"... he told the audience. "It was a surreal experience to direct this film, showing that many of the decisions made with families inside the walls of the PICU are sometimes very difficult ones... I have witnessed that, since my father is a Paediatric Intensivist", he concluded.