FILM seen at the Edmonton wide "Combined Anesthesia, ICU and CV Surgery" Rounds

On April 10/2015,  our JKB film was shown in the Edmonton Combined Anesthesia, ICU
& CV Surgery Rounds. The title of the session was "MORAL DISTRESS IN ACUTE CARE: I know what I should do, but I can't!"

More than 60 people sat quietly and watch the whole film, before starting their daily work activities... It was a 7 AM rounds, on a Friday morning...

One of the viewers commented later: "The movie was powerful, engaging and most importantly, not about paediatrics. It was about what we do in a high complex arena.The actors were realistic and the conversations so real. It was translatable to so many arenas." Another said: "... That was very moving rounds this morning!  Thanks for working on this "issue". 

If you like to schedule a viewing session, please contact us.