FILM IS SHOWN during "Bioethics Week" in Edmonton

The film JKB was shown in early March 2015 during the Bioethics week, at the University of Alberta Hospital auditorium. The exhibition was promoted by the "John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre", with the participation of the producers/research team members (WA and DG) and invited guest, ethicist Dr Brendan Leier, phD. 

The public was very engaged, with many professionals expressing that the movie indeed reflects the "real world" of the Intensive Care. However, some people also commented that the conflicts depicted in the movie also appear in many other areas of healthcare.

During the same week, Alberta Health Services' media department exhibited the movie at the Hospital's main auditorium during lunch time, and many professionals came to see it.  Some administrators present at the session were touched by the scenes, and talked about how the movie can be used as a teaching tool to foster dialogue around such an important topic in healthcare.